When we start a new project, like a new home construction or a remodel, we gather around the house plans to plan all the multitude of work items. Sometimes it is to concentrate on the kitchen and baths, while other times it is to focus on the furnishings layout. It takes so many people to deliver a project successfully. The team might include the architect, builder, designer, electrician, plumber, painter, trim carpenter, and many more. It is our job to work with a whole entourage of people. We normally start with an architectural plan. We might make suggestions to the builder that some walls and windows should be removed or added, the location of door openings, or other changes after we lay out the furniture and rugs to determine the flow of the home. We might also suggest taller windows or additional lighting. Either way, we get to work with our rulers, pens, and paper. We are better together. Collaboration is an essential necessity in our business to ensure a fabulous plan leads to a beautiful home. Planning is everything to being successful.