Clients will sometimes say to me “I love modern”, but when I meet with them, they really want a transitional mix of traditional and only a few pieces of modern. It has become the norm these days. Even for my house that is chalked full of antiques from the past, I have added some very serene pieces of art that mix very nicely with all of the old accents. The art brought the color I was trying to pull into the neutral room that has an antique rug and lots of fresh hand painted pillows and designer fabrics. I needed the neutral to keep the room that grabs gray light to have a lighter feel. Therefore, the light furniture and the delicate antique rug gives me space to add all of the accent pieces I want. I added more gold frames and accessories to give another pop against all of the cream. I really like the look. It feels updated and allows me to enjoy the Staffordshire pieces on my shelving and the cream ware I so carefully collected over the years. I also changed out the lighting a few years ago to an alabaster globe light fixture which hangs from the coffered ceilings. It now allows for additional lighting if we need it for reading. Most people know I love lamps, because my store is full of new and exciting lamps in a variety of types all the time. When I go to market in High Point or Atlanta, there are always new lamps I have not seen, and like flies, I am drawn right in. I think it is because subconsciously, I know it is an essential accent in a room. If I need to add one thing in a room for a client, I‘ll go for new lighting or lamps. It makes a difference right away. We custom order lighting for new homes and we work hard to get the most interesting chandeliers and light fixtures we can. These houses outshine most due to the lighting. If we have the privilege of being able to help clients as they are planning a new home, we inform them how essential lighting is. It is a change that is generally under budgeted. Remember color, style, and patterns with your modifications in a room or new home.