As we have previously stated, 20l8 suggests more vibrant choices for kitchens, baths, family, bedrooms and guest rooms, or in other words, for every room of the house.  Our manufacturers are now offering a variety of different hues for kitchen and bath cabinetry and tile.   As we have been adding bold pops of color in relatively neutral rooms for the past year by way of accessories, we feel we have been and continue to be in front of the new trends.  Some of the more obvious trend moves seen at the last few markets have been pillows and accents offered in a variety of jewel and bold tones.  Sofas were shown at market with lots of antique velvet and in hues of teal, blue, emerald and even gold.  Yes! Gold is making a big comeback!  Lighting options are being revealed with more gilded and soft gold finishes.  What gives a room a richer, more luxurious feel than antique velvets and soft golds?  And let’s not forget Pantone’s Color of the Year… Ultra-Violet, purple!  What??  Ultra-Violet?  Not to worry.  If you find that color a bit too shocking or you are worried about incorporating it into your décor, you can try our version of violet, a softer, more watered-down shade of lavender.  Plus these beautiful fabrics are available in Kryptonite, Crypton and Sunbrella for easy care and stain resistance.  The bottom line is, if you like bold colors, velvets and gold, this is clearly your dream year!