This year at Market, colors abound in showroom after showroom.  We saw flares of color from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.  From bright durable outdoor fabrics to sustainable fabrics for your living room chairs, to the perfect print for your dining room curtains, each fabric was inspired by fashion, travel, and color.  Our inspiration comes from many sources and the High Point Market is one of those.  Manufacturers were already looking to Fall and called it the new season of furnishings.  New collaborations, new constructions, and new colorways.  If there is interest, the new product goes to the next level.   I’m always interested in new fabrics, lighting, rugs, and accessories, and honestly staying ahead of the game.  With being a complete turn-key design firm, we must stay on top of what styles our customers are interested in.  Colorful Collaborations are coming.