Comfort comes with upholstery pieces well chosen.   It comes with fabric and the cushion style chosen.  Most people want the most durable fabric available and there are a lot of fabrics that are crypton, performance and sunbrella.  What you have to remember is that these fabrics have a certain stiffness to them which do not give very much when sitting.  They are extremely cleanable, but not bendable.   The most popular cushion that our customers want are spring down.  Spring down is resilient and bounces up as you get up.   Foam cushions are a little softer and some like the feel of softer.  Spring down starts with a spring and is wrapped in Dacron and then in down with a ticking type fabric cover.  Spring down also allows the older to get up easier.  When cushions begin to break down, and they do with wear, it is harder to get out of a sofa or chair.

Character comes in many forms: lighting ambience, accessories, layout of room, fabrics, pillows, and rugs.  In a small bathroom for instance, we might have 7-8 different elements to make it interesting.   Mirror, cabinet, lighting, wallpaper, faucet, towel bars, etc. are all important details that form character.   Take me for instance, I love to interject old objects into a space if clients will allow it.  That adds character, and people will stop to look at something old, even in a modern home.   Sometimes old objects are pieces of art or memoirs of family members, which is even more important to add.   It is certainly a reason for conversation with guests.  With the 2020 pandemic came lots of changes to customer’s homes, because all of a sudden, they realize how much they need changes to their home.  We are very happy to oblige by adding comfort and character.  



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