These days everyone is sold on stain-resistant fabrics, but along with cleanable fabrics I like to select soft Sunbrella fabrics to make the seating as comfortable as possible. We spend hours searching the market for upholstery companies that we feel are the most comfortable for our clients. Most of the time, we can choose two depths and a long range of cushions. I am 5’7”, which is an average height for a woman, and can usually determine good seating for both the husband and wife. My husband is 6’1” and we consider what he likes as well. If I have a very tall client, then we must order the deep seat sofas or seating. Buying furniture is more of a challenge for many of our customers these days because of so many options. They prefer a design group to help them because to tell you the truth, it can be confusing on their own. We know the furniture we sell inside and out. We recommend the best option as well as plan the layout. Completing a room or an entire house is our expertise. We feel extremely fortunate to have created a one-stop centralized store/shoppe/design studio in Clemmons, NC. We have everything in one place to design, furnish and remodel rooms if our clients so desire. Getting back to comfort, what we normally suggest is the standard depth sofa 21” deep seat (but 23” is available) and a soft pliable fabric that can be plush chenille or velvet for comfort. Everyone loves comfort to come home to and rest.