Last week I wrote about the High Point Market and how important markets are to the design industry.  What I noticed in this market was that a lot of the vendors had antiques as part of their display.  I love antiques and appreciate the fact that the trend is coming back.  Antiques have so much history and it is easy to workpieces into any décor, including modern.  Some vendors had mirrors added, others had wood furniture and a grandfather clock.  I noticed some vendors had a few vintage pieces, including rugs as part of their décor.  I am like a sponge and absorbed all that I could.  It was warm and inviting.  One showroom had all mid-century modern.  Some of their pieces reminded me of my mom and dad’s house. Antiques brought back feelings of my grandparents’ homes.  When there is nostalgia, there is design.  Marry the two together and you have greatness as far as I am concerned.  Watch our Instagram and Facebook for upcoming photos of the new accessories and antiques.  Our store is open every day during the week.

Textures of wood, fabric, metals, trims, flowers, and paints all work together.  The opportunity to create a pleasing composition is rewarding and appreciated.