Do you love your home, your neighborhood, and your location, but feel it needs some TLC or perhaps a structural update? The thought can be daunting for an individual or couple to make decisions about style, function, and budget, let alone structural options to reconfigure and maximize your home’s footprint. The question of a refresh or remodel will be a mini-series starting the broad strokes of family flow and function. We’ll get to other areas in future blogs.

Let’s start with Visualizing each family member as they enter and move through the interior spaces of your home. Where do they enter, cook, work, drop personal items, snack, play, or study? You’re not alone if you get frustrated with clutter especially during peak am and afternoon surges when everyone’s coming in. By identifying organizational pain points, you will save time and mitigate items getting lost in the clutter!  After all, how can you put something away if you don’t have a designated space allocated?

Jot down a list of bottlenecks or clutter and next week read “Home Refresh’, part 2 in the series.