The holidays are before us and we are all busy with lists of all kinds; food, presents, need to do lists, etc. Making life as pleasurable as possible is what we do. Slow down and hire a professional to help you relieve the stress of one of your list items-decorating. Take that one off your plate so you can enjoy the season. We tell our clients that the Christmas season is the one time that too much pattern is okay. A burst of busyness is typical for the decorating holidays. The wrapping paper does not have to match, and the stockings do not need to match. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Put your money into more lights instead of taking time to find matching items. Lights can change the mood of a room and express the warmth you are looking for.  Battery candles look good on vintage brass candlesticks or use real candles.  With children in the house, we mostly use battery-operated candles to prevent a fire. But if there are no children, I love the glowing burning candles.  We like to add a touch of fresh magnolias, pine, and spruce clippings to tease your senses. Baking will also add another sense to the ambiance of the holidays.  I stopped at a farm last week when I saw a very large magnolia tree and asked if I could have some clippings.  The owners were most gracious to permit me.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for Christmas day.  It may be that the excitement comes from memories as a child, but either way, I love decorating for clients and myself and anticipate the pleasure of family visiting as well.  I’m ready for the Cozy Holiday Glow, how about you?