When you are in the world of decorating, the holidays are especially fun. Tablescapes are a special interest of ours. We have many sets of dishes from our parents and grandparents, and we have no problem marrying pieces. We have gold chargers, and or red chargers. We also have accumulated antique white monogrammed napkins and lace placemats, not to mention an Irish white tablecloth I brought back from my Ireland trip in 20l2. White dishes with gold rims, plain white ironstone dishes, blue flower dishes, and one of my favorites; Blue Ridge Pottery. For many years, I collected one piece at a time of Blue Ridge Pottery because these hand-painted dishes were reasonable in cost. Sadly, I have noticed them diminishing from the market.

Blue Ridge Pottery Is hand-painted by Blue Ridge mountain artisans and dates its beginning around 1916 in Erwin, Tennessee. Each piece being hand-painted means that no two pieces are exactly alike and lasted well into the l950s, but the company that made Blue Ridge was unable to overcome the onset of plastic dinnerware in the l950s. The rise of various collectors’ organizations in the 1980s helped make Blue Ridge a popular collectible item, and by choice, made me an avid collector as well. Add a table runner, some fresh flowers, a few pumpkins, and candlelight. Ah, candlelight. Everyone looks better in candlelight. That should be the first and foremost reason to light a few wicks. To enhance the mood of space dramatically can change the room’s energy with candlelight. Better yet, the warmth, the glow, and the romance are compounded with each candle you light. Be creative this year and bring out what you have. Brass! Glass! Crystal! Create a unified look.

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