Lighting is a unique design element, it can be used to make space more functional, it can make spaces appear larger or smaller, and can create drama in unexpected ways. With so many functions it can be hard to decide what your needs are and how the appropriate lighting can remedy your design problems. There is a lot of science behind lighting design and it is important to seek counsel from professionals that are well versed in the lighting industry. We seek to educate our clients on the types of lighting. Every space should include the 3 types of lighting, task, ambient, and accent lighting. Task lighting can be in the form of a desk lamp, or under cabinet lighting. Ambient lighting can be recessed lighting. Accent fixtures could be table lamps, sconces or even pendants. A space with a well executed lighting plan is a very flexible space, the variety of lighting allows for a space to serve many needs. Having layers of light in your space provides the ability to turn fixtures off and on to create different ambiances. Light bounces off walls, ceilings and other surfaces in a room. When we are helping clients with paint colors we evaluate the natural light in the room and then design a specific color plan and lighting plan customized to their needs. Every space is different, therefore the lighting and color design are tailored to each clients needs. Here are a few examples of different lighting designs that we designed here at June DeLugas Interiors.

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