At furniture market, you know we get to see all the new and exciting art, furniture, and accessories before the world sees it in stores. We store all the information we see at market in our brains, so that we can pull it back out for certain projects. Then there is the store, June DeLugas Interiors, in Clemmons, NC which is the best kept secret in the area. Our store houses the treasures found at different places. Also, we showcase local artist’s artwork and various art we’ve purchased from different artists at market. When a house is ready to install, like it was last week, our store is a great place to pick up art needed for the delivery and installation of our design projects. This allows us to try different art, colorful accessories, and lamps at the location and to put the finishing touches on the house. Of course, that is a small portion of the presentation. Pillows, florals, kitchen towels, dining room tablescapes, and much more bring a project together. We started with a home that a client purchased and had a clean slate to work with to change it to her taste. Light, bright, and colorful are terms given to us. We started with paint for the entire house, keeping it as light as possible. Our canvas was created, and it was time to add the accents. Our job is to create colorful houses and lives. You will be amazed at what color does to your world. We put pen to paper and design the end result—-Happy, Colorful Lives.