The fourth of July evokes memories of crowds gathered to oohh and ahhh at fireworks displays.  This month is a great time to think about adding some spark into your kitchen.  The large photo on the right is a kitchen I recently designed for the Spring Parade of homes. My design firm partnered with local builder and cabinet fabricator to create the ideal heart of this home nestled in Buena Vista. Because the kitchen was recessed and did not have a direct window, we created our own light to give the room a welcoming feel.

The custom built cabinetry was done in simply white by Benjamin Moore. To balance the cool colors of the cabinets and granite, a natural wood was selected for the kitchen island countertop.  The natural hues of the wood provide another layer of warmth in the room.  Puck lighting was used in each of the top cabinets, while task lighting underneath the cabinetry makes every nook visible for the family chef.  Cans and pendants are used to create ambient light that spreads through the area.

The island was hand finished and glazed in custom colors to provide a canvas for the light to dance on.  The blue gray colors provide depth and interest in the room.  The custom built cabinetry and island gave us the opportunity to consider every angle in the room to maximize storage space and ease of use.

Although this kitchen was created in a newly built home, it should provide inspiration to homeowners who are thinking about remodeling their existing kitchens.  Updating your kitchen is not only the best way to guarantee you receive oohs and ahhs at your next gathering, it is the best way to invest in your existing home.

For more ideas and inspiration, visit our website to view our before and after photos or read our weekly blog posted at JunedelugasInteriors.com. Happy 4th of July!