Clients these days are looking for room in their homes to either work from home and/or making a school-like setting for their children to do their homework.  We love the challenge and begin by asking a myriad of questions.  Number one, how much space do you need for your office?  Do you need privacy to make phone calls?  Do the children need individuality for their work to be done or can they share a space?  What type of WIFI and access do they need for the programs they are going to be working through, for instance, Zoom with classes?   In one home, we created a bedroom office in a utility storage room in their basement.  Fortunately, there was a huge utility room. There was additional storage underneath the front porch in the basement for the items in the utility room.  It all worked out to utilize that wonderful space.  The college-age daughter was thrilled with her own private space that was created for her.  A sturdy chair with a side table and a desk facing the outside woods.  Creating turnkey spaces is what we do.  We like being the thinkers and creators for finding space for all occasions.