When customers come to us, we embrace all styles with elegance and with ease.  Connecting with our customers is essential when developing a plan for their project.   Creating trust and collaboration between our team and our clients is essential.   We expanded into different areas of expertise by adding the North Carolina General Contractor license to our repertoire.   We talk to our clients upfront to discuss that buying online might be cheap and easy, but it can lead to a lot of expensive mistakes.  Therefore, we offer quality design and products with the contract.   I have purchased quality furniture for years, including antiques for myself.  I taught my daughter that when she needs to decorate and purchase something, make sure she will love it for a long time and particularly that it is quality. Quality holds up.    Accessories can be meaningful, and we ask what is important to a client.   We try to intertwine a bookshelf or for accents on side tables.  The other option that makes a home special is a custom-designed and built product.   If we can’t find the perfect piece, we design it and have it built.  Designers often integrate their favorite colors into the design.  My favorite color has always been blue and I’m starting to love integrating green with blue.   Seeing it all come together whether personal or for clients is amazing every time.  We love to see the end result because creating special places is what we do.