What do you think of when you say Classic:  French Classic, English Classic, or beloved treasures left behind by loved ones?

Classic Southern is showing up everywhere and I’ve noticed it for a while at markets and magazines.  But lately, it has exploded.  When clients start asking us for classic, I tell them it is back.  Transitional is popular and has been for at least ten years.  If you are beginning your life and trying to figure out what you like, it is really easy. What did you grow up with?  What made you feel good in your home?   Did you notice your surroundings?

I was aware at a young age and therefore it led me to what I am doing as a profession today-helping customers with accomplishing memorable décor for their homes.  It could be one room at a time or an entire house makeover.  Repurposing is popular because we are interjecting antiques into many spaces.  Let’s face it, antiques have so much character and usually love from the person who created the product.  It was art to them.  My team starts every project the same way, a canvas of art pulling the colors that look good and blend them together.   Flowing in and out of rooms comfortably. It is what we do, and we love every minute of creating masterpieces, a Classic home.