Our store is well known for beautiful bedding, from more than one vendor.  June is very particular about how the beds look in our Clemmons store and in customer’s homes.  We are privy to custom wood, upholstery, and just about any bed frame available on the market.  You know our old tag line, “If you dream it, we design it.”   All you have to do is believe it.  We love fine bedding.  We are always looking for a unique bed that is upholstered or sometimes has wood accents.  We love the interesting channeled beds.   Fabrics and leathers are endless that can be used for the design of any bed these days.  We have a huge library of fabrics that begin our process of finding the perfect fabric and then the perfect bedding.    Use a print fabric for the duvet at the foot of the bed and pillow shams with a nice white coverlet.  Our SFERRA line and our Peacock Alley line offer nice prints to coordinate with their coverlets.  When we finish a bed at a client’s home, we take pride in what we have selected and how it is made up.  Some customers do not feel the master bedroom is important, but we think it is one of the most essential rooms in your home and Custom Comfy is part of it.