As we head into fall, we start thinking about our retail showroom and the changes we want to make.    Our newest excitement is by Bella Notte Bedding.  They have a few new colors, and Cenote is one of them. We urge you to come by to see the new samples.   We placed an order right away and started planning accents to go with the new bedding we ordered.  The Personal Throws are a good size for sofas, chairs, or beds, as they can be used to cover up with in the fall.  My children fight for the one I have when they are home at Christmas.  It seems that we keep our home colder than they do.  They are always complaining about how cold it is in our house.  So, there are many throws folded in our family room for everyone to have one.  The Personal Throws that we can purchase come in many colors and most are two sided.   Bella Notte is not just about Personal Throws.   The company makes all their bedding out of organic materials and organically grown cotton.  The colors are garment dyed together.  The textures of each color dyes differently, and that makes a monochromatically beautiful bed.  Textures like velvet, silk velvet, linen, embroidery, lace and more.  Bella Notte has luxury, heirloom quality linens to fit any lifestyle.  The linens are very artistic and inspiring.    The quality, hand, and unique color is why we have this product in our retail location.  We love elegant luxury bedding, and you will too when you decide to invest in a beautiful collection!