Don’t let tackling your bookshelves to decorate them intimidate you. You see photos in magazines and other people’s houses and wonder how you might redesign yours. The rule of thumb we use is lots of texture. A few books for warmth and then you begin to mount your own artwork results in book shelving. We often add smart art pieces for dimension and interest. Sometimes gold frames and other times frameless pieces of art. Glass objects, pottery, vases, wicker objects, gold photo frames, something old, something new, then add a little color here and there, plus white corals statues and other interesting memorabilia. Some people like to display their collected treasures as I do. One shelf can be completely symmetrical, and one shelf can be asymmetrical. The good thing over the years is we have reduced the number of items we use and kept the look simple. Although, I do see a trend of what we call tchotchkes returning. It is all cyclical. Remember simple classic and understated elegance will always be in style. Changing a few pieces from time to time is certainly fine to do. I waited l5 years before I made changes and then I could not stop. I just kept going from room to room making changes.

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