Beauty manifests itself in the simplest things.  Smiles, a well-made bed, a beautifully lit and decorated Christmas tree, accessories that make a home, or trims that make a curtain attractive.   I for one am glad to see trims come back for pillows, chairs, and curtains.  They are the icing on the cake.  Trims finish off decors.  I love the details.  My parents fostered the interest in me early on which is what has made me what I am today.  My Mom would take me with her to look at patterns for sewing and I would become infatuated with the buttons and the trims.  Even today, I have my Mom’s buttons and I’ve added my own collection to her button jar.  It is a good thing to have when you need to sew a lost button onto a shirt or pants.  Maybe the beauty I find in buttons is the colors and the different sizes.  Sewing patterns were put out by manufacturers so women could sew their own bedding, curtains, and clothing.  My Mom would pin the pattern onto a grid board.  The grid board was also interesting to me.   When Mom would take me to other stores that might have magazines, I would head to the magazine rack to find the House and Garden pictures that I would soak up.   Decorative trims are a wonderful way to embellish all your sewing projects.  The patterns are endless.  Scalloped edges, hand-embroidered floral motifs, classic graphics, and more!   Mixing and matching become a fun adventure with all the options we have today.  What project do you have in mind that decorative trims would add another texture to your décor?

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