The right balance is everything when it comes to color and furniture scale. If you use green, designers seem to use it throughout the house. The same applies to all dramatic colors, such as blue, red, and coral. Try to bring strength of the same value in some other places in the home, whether in the same color family or another. The color value is important in the scheme of planning. We tend to use neutral colors for the main pieces of upholstered furniture and add the color elsewhere in artwork, pillows, case goods, rugs, and even sometimes a print in the draperies. Balancing color in each room is what we are good at. Architecture is key to play up as well with balance, such as the crown molding and room layout. Sometimes we add more molding to rooms. Wainscoting and molding in a foyer can be as interesting as color or wallpaper. Creating an architectural envelope makes a home interesting and inviting. Overscale paintings can continue a story if you have overscaled furniture. Balancing is not as hard as you might think. Think about the size of the pieces you have planned for the entire home. It is not that hard to create a workable plan and then follow it piece by piece. If you want different colors in different rooms, they will work if they have the same value. Give your home a personality by carefully selecting all the elements. Design Balance.