You know people ask me “Do we have a style?”.  Well over the years, we have worked on commercial spaces, modern spaces, traditional spaces, farmhouse spaces, historical spaces, and cottages spaces.  So to say we have just one style would be hard to identify.  We love them all!  We even mixed metals in one room, as an example gold with warm gold or warm gold with silver.  It makes life interesting.  The old rules for the design industry have now been reduced to only a few.  Starting with a blank canvas is best for us to be the most creative, but we can start anywhere in a room or focus on only one concern in a room.  The rule of odd numbers went out the door a long time ago.  Sometimes two lamps are perfect for a space and sometimes two chairs that are matching are the best answer for the scale of the room.  If two accessories are what you need, then use good judgement and forget the rules.  Each project, by definition, is unique and that is how we address each project.   It can be a single room or an entire house.  We think freely and advise our clients to do so as well and forget about the normal ideas of design.    Sometimes though the rules that are in our head, that we just use no matter what, stand the test of time.  You just know when it’ s right.  Therefore, that might be a rule that is ingrained and you think it is a new idea.    Style for us would be the best definition of a house.   Color is also a big part of design and the style people ask us about could relate to color.  Our go-to colors generally are a range of blues, grays, creams, and whites.  These are the most accepted colors that our clients ask for.  Every now and then green pops up as their favorite color.  I then try to interject greens throughout the house, if that is their favorite color.   Remember light is the most important thing to have in a room.  Light will make all the difference with any change such as furniture, art, or fabrics.  Design begins here at June DeLugas Interiors, Inc.