Decorating Dilemna

The design team at June DeLugas Interiors was recently approached with a challenge.  Our client had an existing small door in the middle of her guest room wall which was accessed frequently.   It was functional but looked odd. 

The solution determined by our team was to create a hand-painted mural that incorporated the small door.   Our on-staff artist incorporated the owner’s favorite flowers and birds into the garden scenery.  She also personalized the mural by painting the couple’s initials as if carved into the trunk of the tree.  This potential design dilemma adds a fun feature in the mural and the room has become a special delight to the homeowner.  The door now takes on the feeling of an outside entrance to a garden shed.

An awning of custom stripped fabric is currently being made to add a cohesive feel to the entire scheme.  A slip-covered side chair of white fabric is being added for seating in the opposite corner of the room.  A bright print pillow with green fabric cording will perch on this beautiful side chair to add a delight of color bringing colors from the mural across the room.    

Garden Mural