A gracious home is an opportunity to share the best with others. That is why it is important that we prepare so carefully down to the last detail. The most recent project we just finished is a good depiction of the end process. Moving the kitchen to the sunroom and moving the sunroom wall to make room for the new kitchen was well thought out. Adding windows to create space for an open view of the lake was our goal. The entire house has windows that bring in an amazing amount of light and the outside. Each time I walk through the door of this home, I am in awe. It is so relaxing, refreshing, and exciting. The colors we used brought the outside into the space. No window treatments were needed. We started from the beginning with a CAD design to move walls, draw the new cabinets layout, and the new furnishings. It took almost two years to complete due to Covid and delays in product, but now that we are finished, it is an amazing beauty. We want our clients to feel the mood and emotion that was intended. They tell us they are enjoying their new space. Our Design Elements goal was met when our clients are happy.