Have you ever seen a photo or someone’s house that make you envious?  I tell my clients all the time that I am envious of their projects when we put the final touches on. 

For this particular project, the customer wanted new family room furniture.  She wanted maximum seating.   Since the children are growing up, there is a need for more seating for friends to hang out.  As parents, we normally prefer that our teenagers are close and making our homes more inviting to them makes sense. 

We custom made a sofa to fit the corner of this very complicated room.  There were so many openings and very little wall space.  We maximized the wall space with seating.  We added a loveseat and a side reading chair and several ottomans to complete the ensemble.  Colors used are neutrals and shades of blue to calm the teenagers. 

Before BeforeAfterAfter  Calming Colors After After After

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