Most of us are not professional designers with formal training and education and therefore we do not trust out own instincts when it comes to design and home décor.  One of the first things I explain to clients when helping them achieve their dream home is that “little things make a big difference.”    This helps clients understand that design can be broken down into small manageable elements that are part of the overall design picture.  A few of these elements include fabrics, furniture, paint colors, headboards, lamps, tile backsplash, rugs and accessories.

At a recent visit to a client’s home in Buena Vista, we noticed that she had a good feel for decorating; she has a “design eye”.  She explained to us she could not put the finishing touches on so that was why she had sought our help.  She had brought her young and fresh style to a very traditional home.  Her grandmother’s china cabinet from the 1930’s housed her purses perfectly and you could see them through the glass panels.  I thought, what a good idea and I did not think of it.  She had painted a bright yellow chest for her family room which brightened up the old chestnut paneling.  Another great idea.

I always encourage my clients to trust their instincts and try to help them cultivate their artistic side.  Believe it or not, you have a “Design Eye”.  Don’t be afraid to explore it, you just might be surprised.

These photos are but a few of Designer Eye solutions.

Designer Eye (2) Designer Eye (3) Designer Eye (4) Designer Eye (5) Designer Eye (6) Designer Eye (7) Designer Eye