Our tag line at June DeLugas Interiors is “It All Begins with Brilliant Design”.  We design it, because we love to help our customers achieve their dream room or their dream home.  With any creative project or process there are times when we tend to get stuck in a rut or don’t know how to express what we truly want.

The best thing to do in this situation is to go out and find your “inner muse”.  Whether it is a color scheme, pattern, swatch of fabric, or something in nature, these are all good ways to get a feel of what you like. I know with the scare of the coronavirus nowadays, we can’t get out of our homes, like we used to.  But this too shall pass, and soon we will be back to the normal routine of life.

In the meantime, get some inspiration from television or magazines and books you have in your home.  Maybe even step outdoors and pull some colors from your garden.  The colors of blooming trees can ignite something in all of us, including designers.  We can help you come up with a plan.  Design is our passion.