I saw this term used some time ago and remembered it because if it was impactive on me, it would be impactive for our customers.  My thoughts were that we plan the best possible space lay out there is.  We ask the questions to our customer to prompt their thinking.  What will the space be used for?  How much seating does the client need?  How much storage is needed?  How much lighting is needed?  Are there books?  Is there memorabilia?  The list goes on and on and that inspires us to reach the best possible solution for our clients.  Next, we get into what colors do our clients like and of course, their style.   With Spring lurking around the corner, it will be welcomed in our neck of the woods with such a cold winter.  So, it is time to think about this exact title.  Use our design intelligence to help you make the best possible choices.  Let’s start with a list for you.   Organizing the room:  What do you need most – a rug, a sofa, pillows, chairs, window curtains or light control, a new TV, and accessories?    Inspiration, perseverance, and partnership is a specialty that design firms possess.   Creativity, ingenuity, and respect is also a necessity when building a great relationship with your designer.  It can last for years.  Life is always changing and, of course, your homes and needs.