Design is not just our passion; it is life as we know it. Our purpose in life revolves around design and construction, which are synonymous. Therefore, we strive to give our clients the ideal, comfortable look they desire. About every client will ask for comfortable and inviting. We understand those terms. We will create first impressions that will not be forgotten. Creating consistent spaces throughout one’s home is done with a degree of discipline and a confident eye. Our range typically moves in the direction of traditional furnishings with a touch of transitional. With today’s market, moody is beginning to show up as a type of modern design. It is darker than most clients like but has its place and is fun to create. It leans more toward modern. We are not a fan of exaggerated. We keep our design in the line of understated elegance. I always say, let us find that element of surprise. It could be mixed art, unusual fabric, or architecture. We love throwing in an antique here or there as the unexpected element of surprise. Lighting is another essential that should be synonymous. It is the first item that starts looking tired in one’s home. Is design your passion?