Every year there are changes being made that make us think about changing our strategy to a different direction.  In this business, it is full speed ahead.  Customers are on fire to get their homes updated so that when Covid is over, they can go places.  We Americans are not the best at staying home or content with no changes.   So, change is inevitable.  The magazines, the internet, and the many social media opportunities have us all spinning.   I have seen traditional design coming back for a few years and now it is in our latest magazine we received, House and Home.  Since it has been a long time, it is refreshing to see something familiar.  The fabrics are new, but old.  The furnishings are old, but new.   Antiques have made a big comeback as well.  I spent some time at market last week previewing antique rugs and had to hold myself back with purchasing antiques.  If I do not sell them, I have no room for overflow.  I love seeing the old pieces aligned with new furnishings.  Old light fixtures can be integrated as well.  Color trends are different from paint company to paint company.  One is Aegean Teal and the other one is Urban Bronze.  The truth is they can be mixed, and both are earthy from the historical side of the spectrum.  Pillows, wallpaper, and fabrics will see these colors coming up in the year 2021.  We love all the new fabric options.  Coral was also a nice, hot color at market.  It is so bright, and the Christmas holidays coming our way will showcase Coral nicely.  What is your design philosophy?