When you own a design and retail business, there are so many scheduling details to work out.  You start with the clients that you help make the best choices for new furnishings, pillows, window treatments and all the amenities.  Once the choices are made, a purchase order is typed and faxed to the manufacturer, which includes the ship to address and any additional details.  We follow up with the manufacturer several times before the delivery is made.  Once we know that the products are ready for delivery, we contact our “White Glove” delivery service to pick everything up from the manufacturer and deliver them to the client’s home.  JDI employees (usually June herself) are scheduled to go with the delivery team to handle all and any situations that may arise.  Our number one concern is that the product arrives at the client’s home in perfect shape and that the client is completely satisfied and very happy.  We are totally service-oriented.  It does pay off because very few stores will send an associate to the home to be with the client and ensure everything correctly placed.

Once we are in the home with the merchandise, we take our CAD drawings with us so we can place the furnishings in the right place that was preplanned.  It is an extremely important part of our job to “do it right”.   It is also important that the pillows and fabrics are fluffed and if there is a skirt on sofas and chairs that they are pressed down.  Every little detail is just so important to us.  Really, it all begins with Design, Selection, and the end result, Delivery.