A house truly speaks to me when I enter it.  People ask me all the time how I come up with the color combinations and how the house should look.  The more time I can spend in a house, the more I start feeling comfortable with decisions on what should be done and the colors to use.  I tell my clients their homes should reflect their taste and memories, not just mine.  I ask many questions to determine the way they live.  It is not an overnight process to decorate a home and make it comfortable for family and friends.  It takes a thought process, CAD drawings, furniture selections, fabrics galore, and a well thought out plan.  We order furniture, rugs, paintings, lamps, and accessories.   We don’t leave you; we finish the job.  We accessorize shelving, hang the art, make the beds, and make life easier for you.  No worries.

A determination is made on how lighting flows through out the home, so the best possible light reflective colors can be used.  New light fixtures and paint colors update a house the quickest.   That is always a great starting point for us.  Most people get excited at that point and can’t wait for the rest of the changes.  I’ve been changing my own house for the past 5 months and I am not the easiest to please, so it is easy for me to understand our clients.  I have heard this from others in my industry.    A good design team can transform your home for you.  Figuring out how you want to live in your space is one half of the battle.