Questions we get:  One client is tired of waiting for the economy to improve and wants to redo certain areas.

There are many interior design strategies you can use now without causing you added stress and waisted money.  First, ask yourself how you really LIVE in your space.  Use the answer to that question to determine where you should save and where you should splurge.  For example, whenever you entertain, if your guests always seem to wind up in your kitchen and den, then that is where you should focus your interior design dollars.  Save your bedroom for later.  It is better to invest in one great piece, than on a dozen sale priced items.  When selecting accessories and artwork, it is better to focus on quality and classic design and avoid trendy items that are found in the clearance aisle.

Don’t let cash flow keep you from selecting a custom piece.  It is possible to get custom items for your home on a budget.  Custom items could be a new ottoman with a newer fabric for center focus.    Another way to save money on customization is to use inexpensive fabrics such as muslin, cotton, or faux linen for window treatments and the more expensive “one of a kind” fabrics for pillows and accents.  It will make a huge difference to spend your money on the focal points.  We really like some of the newer artists’ works that is abstract and colorful.  We have local artists’ work in our showroom. We are constantly receiving accessories from our market trips and antique travels.   There is always something that is new and stunning at June DeLugas Interiors’ retail location.

And finally, don’t forget paying a professional to help with your projects that will save you money overall.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called to help someone who thought they were saving money by going online.   Most of the time they find that when the item is delivered, it is not the same size, color, or quality they thought it would be.   We take pride in the products we carry. We value the quality and craftsmanship that goes into our pieces. June DeLugas Interiors offers one of a kind finds that will tell the story of your home for years to come.

God Bless