I keep saying that anything goes today.  You just have to decide if you want a continuous well planned out schematic or an eclectic look.   You see so much now from internet sales to Etsy to Pinterest.  No wonder you are confused as to what you really like.  I had the same issue with my own home over the past few years.  I had to decide what made me happy with my furnishings and the look I wanted.  After contemplating this issue, I decided to go with my past.  My past is about antiques from family and pieces I purchased mainly while we lived in Atlanta.  I did not want to give those up, so I worked my updated look in with those special antiques that I love from Grandma’s china cabinet to my Mother’s dishes and silverware.  I really treasure those items, so why would I consider getting rid of them to change my home to another look.  I mixed some great abstract art pieces into my décor, painted the entire house lighter, added Vintage rugs, and painted some old pieces of furniture in the mix.  It made the rooms less busy, plus I removed unnecessary items.

I am on a roll moving from room to room updating my house.  I have been in my home for l5 years and because of my work, I find no time for my home or to even think about it.  Sometimes issues force the need to make changes, like a floor that was cracking.  All that has been fixed now, along with newly painted walls and an updated look.  As designers, we love what we do.  We love our clients.  The visionary talents of design firms make it easy for customers to complete a well put together look.  Most have samples and can put together colors and fabrics that you cannot stop looking at due to their beauty.  Design these days can be exciting when using a design firm to help you.