Our Design Firm is happy in our workspace these days with all the samples we need at our beck and call.  We feel like our office is kind of a creative temple where all our inspirational tools are in one place.  Our office is filled with samples from all over the world, along with catalogs and books.  Our computers have become the best tools for producing CAD drawings, renderings, and PowerPoint presentations.  Our office/design studio/retail space offers everything we need to create a strategy for helping clients. Wallpaper books are also part of our inspirational tools and repertoire.  They are like looking through coloring books and finding your favorite wallpaper to color.  We feel like we create moods and lifestyles for people that aim for something different.  We are always striving for a touch differently.  We can’t wait for markets to see new and all the inspiring home furnishings.  Markets in Atlanta and High Point are our favorites.  We are glad to see traditional coming back, too.  I think part of the reason for the traditional comeback is the supply and demand problem.  Antiques are readily available.  The public indicates that they are ready for curves, color, and interest that creates warm and cozy environments.  We are ready, are you?