We are so blessed to be hired for both styles.  Currently, we are working on two commercial projects.  We started on one of the commercial jobs, and it is so much fun.  It is located in Asheville, and we will be going there to see the space soon.   Asheville has it’s own look and we don’t want to steer too far off the beaten path.   Although, we do have our own ideas of how to marry a rustic look to a classic design.   Clients of this commercial company will visit and do business within the office.  The office is set up to accommodate realtors to use computers at work stations, an island for eating, and a wet bar for storing food and drinks, a sink, and a refrigerator with ice.  This is the third time we have designed for this same company.  The company who hired us has their own contractor, and we work with the sources the contractor gives us.  We design the space, design the furniture, select the furniture and chair finishes, and select fabrics for the space.  Carpet and flooring are decided by us from the start, before we select the furnishings.   For this particular space, it has an accent brick wall.   Color, wood, and brick will work well together.  We need to decide the countertops to coordinate.  We are looking at all of our options.  The offices and conference rooms will have carpet, but the main area will be acid washed and polished cement flooring.  It’s a nice look for the area.

Life is always interesting around JDI.   I will never forget a teenage son of one of our customers saying to his Mom, the store is so quiet with calming music and fun to look around, but when you get to the back, feather and fur are flying!  What he meant was so much action is happening in the back of our store within our offices and conference center.  You know it is all about designer choices.  We have plenty to work from.