Much thought is put into our decisions for pillow fabric choices when we are working with customers in the store or in their home.   For us, we take tremendous pride and passion in our selections and about everything else we do or present.  What we try to explain to customers is that we create a canvas from front to back when we know your home well.  You drive by a house that is all lit up and can imagine being in the room that you see from the outside.  It is all about moving your focus to a beautiful setting and pillows really enhance most decors.  Sometimes we use colorful fabrics and sometimes we use neutral colors.  We contrast whatever we are doing, balance the weight of all the colors, and finish a room with such understated elegance.  Surround yourself with a comfortable home, accessories, and décor that you like and see every day.  The good thing about pillows is you can change them out seasonally or just for holidays.  It gives you an instant lift.  Christmas pillows bring such joy to children and families, so why not add those extra pillows.   For instance, today we met with a customer that asked us to furnish her living room.  We selected the paint colors first, because painting is what they wanted to do to themselves.  The fabrics selected enhance the colors and create an ambience that everyone can live with.  For myself, I added two pillows to my sofa to give it a lift in addition to all the blues I have always used, including a big Brunschwig & Fils floral, not like me at all.  It all adds so much to my aging sofa and other pillows.  It’s what happens to older furniture is it starts looking tired.  I just gave my sofa a lift with new designer pillows.   Merry Christmas!