Clients want their homes to reflect who they are.  We start by trying to gain an understanding of their sense of themselves.  It’s not always easy and they might not know at that point.  It is our job to help them create a place to enjoy, how they currently use their home and how would they like to modify through a redesign.  If we listen, and sometimes it takes more than one visit, it will help us create what they imagine and we can finish the canvas they started in their heads.  Today, clients want a home that is durable and sustainable and will accommodate sometimes more than one animal and/or children.  There are so many options today, including fabrics, vinyl flooring, quartz, and hardwood flooring that will work well with the modern family.  We will show them unique materials and furnishings that will create a story.  For a designer to do their job, they must first understand the story and the intent.  We take photos, notes, and room dimensions on our first visit.  We may have to contact the client via email or phone many more times before coming to final decisions.  We as designers bring the client’s story to life.  We are helpers, creators, and problem solvers.  The results are one-of-a-kind end results.