What does it mean when one says he or she has a gift? I think I can explain. It means that a design team will go into a home or a person and peruse the room with their eyes and absorb all the details immediately. Designers have the gift to imagine. It can be what a room can look like, what colors will work best, and any special needs right away. Although most designers would prefer to measure and create CAD drawings and renderings to back it up, which we do as well. We can look at a space and decide what size chandelier is needed for the size of the room and the existing furniture or new furniture. We can also review a few of the new furnishings and other details and just know what colors will look best. Now sometimes, the customer may take some convincing if they don’t understand your gift. But you want to make the client feel good about your decisions and you may need to explain why you selected color or furnishings. They will only see what you can explain either by renderings or by showing a mood board. It is of utmost importance to us that our clients are happy. When clients come to us, sometimes they have been through a few houses that they have done themselves and just want someone to complete it for them. They tell us it is exhausting for them to try to complete a home. We have heard it more than once. Of course, we benefit from their exhaustion. We really love what we do and love sharing our true gifts.