You know that great design is in the details. We tell all of our clients that there are a thousand details and decisions that go into each room that we put together. Think about a sofa and how many different ways it can be made. We have several manufacturers that allow us to customize the length, arms, back corners, legs or skirt, boxed or curved, and height. When we are going outside the norm, we first scale it to the room on paper. With any interior design, the devil really is in the details.

Then you have window treatments, for which my associate always indicates that she needs a refresher course from Hardware University each time we create a new design. The reason she needs help is that each manufacturer has different poles, rings, finials, brackets, traverse or non-traverse, and colors. There isn’t any mixing of the manufacturers because the finishes are just not the same. Most offer hand-finished, which in itself is different per vendor. A sample does not ensure that is what you are going to get. You can see why we pull our hair out. Then comes the pricing for each one of these elements and guess what? All manufacturers are priced differently to us and there is no way anyone can remember these kinds of details.

So remember that with any interior design, the devil really is in the details. With designers, no detail is over-looked.

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