You know that great design is in the details.  For each project, large or small, we make lists after lists of details so that none will be left off.  We have weekly staff meetings just to go over all the details per client.  With three designers, surely there will be none missed.   

We have written about window treatments on a number of occasions, but because there are so many important details to complete window treatments, we like to keep our readers educated.  Our checklists for window treatments begin with the purpose.  Whether it is purely aesthetics or to control sunlight, we ask all the pertinent questions so we can complete our job effectively.  Once we choose a fabric, we decide on the lining to be used, trim if any for accent, widths needed, hardware, poles, finials, rings, brackets, and size.  We generate computer renderings as well as hand sketches to help our clients a visualize how the finished window treatments with look.  Once all of this is decided, then comes the pricing.  Faxing back and forth to our vendors for quotes, yardage needed and installation requirements comes next.  Then if the client feels it is more than they want to spend, we try to find other ways to achieve their goals using less expensive fabrics and hardware.  Whatever the needs are, we are flexible with the “Devil in the Details.” 

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Renderings and Sketches