This past year seems to have renewed the popularity of clients wanting their dining rooms to be updated.  Family was coming for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it became important.  I myself have updated my own dining room.  We have been in our home for l5 + years and it was time.  For me, I exchanged the rod to a thin gold rod and a French return.  I kept the Schumacher timeless blue and white print, which was already custom made.  I streamlined the look.  We repainted the dining room to a lighter color, painted a small antique silverware chest, and painted the inside of the antique French cabinet brought with us from Atlanta in l993.  The inside was way too yellow, and we painted it the wall color, which was Feather Down by Benjamin Moore.  The trim was painted White Dove by Benjamin Moore.  We already had an antique table (very old chestnut table) and smaller scaled dining chairs.   I simply found a neutral textured fabric and recovered.  Then I added new end chairs with a blue and gray animal print fabric which really updated the look more than anything.  An additional piece of art by my favorite, Sherry McAdams, hangs proudly beside the antique china cabinet.  It is also more streamlined and abstract.  On the other side hangs an antique plaster mirror from France flanking the antique china cabinet to marry the two styles together.   You too can add modern pieces to your family heirlooms to make your home your own popular dining room from the South.  Just ask us for help.  This is one of our specialties, marrying the old with the new.