For our clients, our goal with every project is figuring out what style is going to work best for them?  With a list of questions and the answers, we usually discover the client’s needs and then proceed to put together ideas.  Whether it is designing a kitchen, bath, or a living room, it is the same process to identify the essentials for living.  We are beginning several commercial projects soon and it takes a different mindset, which can be challenging and creative, but we love doing both commercial and residential work.  Either way, it is about discovering style.  The same steps take place; wall color, flooring color, furniture, layout, and artwork to add the pizzazz needed for commercial versus residential.  With commercial, it is just more streamlined and functional.  It all depends on whether the commercial site will be publicly used or only used for offices.  We do take each of these styles very seriously.  For commercial, it could be desks, coffee centers, and conference rooms.  For residential, it is normally about the family and how they will use the space. Usually, our clients know if they are traditional, modern, or something else.  Sometimes they like mixing both, as I do in my own home.   We certainly love helping customers discover their style.  Artwork is our favorite way to add the dimension needed to either space, and we have so many connections.  With furniture, we have all the good vendors at our disposal, or we can design it and have it custom-made.  Our role is so exciting with discovering everyone’s style.