If you do, you have something that you can use as your inspiration.

Our clients have many collectibles and it is always so fascinating to see what they have.  I have the privilege of going into homes that I could spend all day in just admiring their interesting pieces.  Of course, we often identify something valuable and call it to their attention.

I am guilty of the same collecting generation.  I have creamware from England, cookie jars from my mother, and blue and white plates from the Atlanta antique’s market.  We lived so close to a great antique flea market that my friend and I always found something interesting once a month to purchase.  I walked away from that market with a treasure once a month, so you can imagine my collectibles, along with what my grandmother and my mother gave me.  Understandably, I treasure it all.   I find interest in both new and old, but especially something old.  I have a necklace and earrings I wear on rare occasions called Isenburg Ice.  Who knew that was a very highly collectible name?

We have been working with a client who asked us to give her ideas on what to do with her kitchen.  Well, I came in one day and they had started early and painted their kitchen bright mustard yellow, so that their white cabinets and collectibles would stand out.  It was only half finished when I first saw it, but when the kitchen was finished with the changes they wanted, the collectibles they have are so wonderful with the mustard yellow that they selected for their own kitchen.   I couldn’t believe myself, but the color grew on me, because they have so much pass-through light and it is such a large space with so many white cabinets.

I would love to hear what collectibles you have.