From time to time we have written about the importance of purchasing American-made furnishings.  The importance is becoming more evident as American-made is becoming popular once again for a variety of reasons.  We also go a step further and advocate made in North Carolina as much as possible.  The companies we visit at furniture market and purchase from quite frequently are:  Hickory Chair, Pearson (Clyde Pearson), Hickory White, Miles Talbott, Michael Thomas, and custom artisans from High Point.  When we can’t find what we need, we sketch the furniture piece and have one of our private label artisans custom build it.  Walla, you have a unique piece that no one else has.    This is what is so good about using a professional.  We have all the resources at our disposal. And, since we have spent 25 plus years sourcing, we can put a project together from floor to ceiling, and then present the details to our clients.