We are getting more and more calls from the aging demographic who are desiring to downsize and need help with the entire process. Part of our repertoire of services includes providing an itemized and strategic plan to transition into their new, albeit smaller, living quarters.

This plan begins with the task of deciding what to do with their belongings, which can be daunting for our clients. By downsizing their home, they may also be downsizing their storage space. Commonly, most people downsize to about half the space they previously lived in. This means more than a 50% reduction in possessions. This doesn’t pertain to furniture as much as décor pieces and knick-knacks. Accumulated mementoes and other items forgotten, those thought too precious to dispose of at one time, in the attic are a good place to start. Another method we’re fond of is making a list of what they want to keep, then narrowing it down to what they need to keep. While it may take many hours of sorting and decision-making on what to keep, it allows us to have a better understanding of the space when the pieces remaining are those that we must configure into the design.

If the neighborhood our clients reside in allows estate or yard sales, we suggest that as a possibility to downsize their culmination of belongings. Another option is to bring in an auction firm to purchase and pick up the larger and more valuable pieces.

It is estimated that as many as forty-five million households will be making the transition of downsizing in 2024. If you’re thinking of joining that demographic, give us a call.