Everyone can dream about this laundry room.  I do.  We helped a client in Greensboro last year accomplish her dreams.  We had helped them ten years ago with an elegant French home  This time, for their new home construction, we changed it up to a more transitional look with French elements all over from what went before.  In the laundry room, we started with a painting the client found and loved.  It is set in acrylic and the colors are vibrant.  The island in the center separates her office from the washing machine and sink and elegantly, too.  Everything is white so the window treatments, artwork, chair fabric, and the tack board all stand out.    The recessed doors even have water glass in the panels that we carefully selected.  Hardware on the cabinets were creatively selected for the style of cabinets, along with the flooring.  The homeowner and I spent lots of time pulling this theme together.  Outside the laundry room is a carefully planned drop zone cabinet that is also painted a custom color to coordinate with the laundry room colors.   The artwork and the accent pieces on top of the cabinet all coordinate with the entry hall runner and the laundry room.   At June DeLugas Interiors, we have so many carpet samples to custom make any size rug, stair runner, rug, and even wall to wall carpeting.  Why don’t you think about your own personal space within your laundry room?  Just ask for help.  We can render something for you and make it happen.