Our philosophy is to make clients comfortable and their homes really beautiful.  Again and again, I hear from husbands; I want to walk through the front door and the first impression wows you.  Now imagine how hard that is to determine what they see in their minds.   Questions start crossing my mind as to what they have seen or what they imagine. Each person and especially the husbands may have a different idea of what is wow and it can be completely opposite from their wives.  I began to ask questions.  What is it you have seen that makes you think wow?   Usually, they are not really sure, so that makes it even harder.  One husband thought about it and he could not really explain it.  It is my job to show ideas of what I think they might like.  We do have a fun job, but have you heard the expression, “finding a needle in a haystack”.  Well that is the way I feel when the husband tells me he wants wow.  We begin with a plan, like all projects, lay it out, find fabrics and furnishings, rugs, textures, fabulous art, and lamps.  Sometimes, we also create renderings which show them a full color layout.  This is very helpful with visuals for clients.   For husbands, simple and clean lines are a good beginning.    We love all styles and making people want to come home to wow is what we do.  We love helping them make these choices with our presentations.  Why don’t you dream a little wow?




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