During the snow days at home recently, I realized that my kitchen is a great place to be.  It delights the eye and engages the senses.  Just puttering around the home, cleaning up, chopping vegetables, and cooking casseroles can be rewarding if you love what you do.  My own kitchen is a dream kitchen and because I am rarely home to enjoy cooking, I discovered that design pays off.  Kitchens are unique spaces.  They have a hard job to do and they have to look good while doing it.  That is why when you plan your kitchen remodel or new construction, outfitting it is never cut and dry.  Questions to think about are:  Do you create the dream space that suits your every whim?…Do you stay neutral but utilitarian?…What is the best investment?…What if you sell your home?  Because your time in the kitchen needs to be both efficient and inspiring, your kitchen design should work for you, no matter what the future holds.

We are involved in many kitchen remodels and love every minute of it.  When we go on an appointment, we ask the above questions in order to understand the needs of our clients.  Secondly, we start with the cabinetry and lighting as a kitchen is defined by these two basic elements in the kitchen.  Whether updating an old, tired kitchen or starting from the beginning, the choice of cabinetry and lighting make the most impact.  Lighting is important as a functional necessity, but also as an aesthetic one.  There are so many design options available for kitchen makeovers and it all starts with a well-planned and creative cabinet design.  Simple, clean lines such as Shaker style cabinets have become very popular.  This style is considered transitional (bridging the gap between contemporary and traditional) and gives an orderly and organized look to any kitchen.

More features to think about for your new kitchen include elements such as gas cooktops, French door style refrigerators with bottom freezer storage, and touch-activated faucets.  LED lighting has become essential and walk-in pantries have become very desirable.  Many clients like to use iPads or tablets to find recipes to follow as they cook, so you may want to consider a recharging station in the kitchen for those devices.

Start with us, and let us help you plan your kitchen remodel.  We are the experts!

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