With us, I guess you could say we are also re-creating spaces, re-furbishing spaces, and re-purposing spaces with the goal for us to make a new or existing space into a client’s dream space.  We also help the client rethink the underused rooms that they may have, especially with an added member to the family or the need for an office.  Sometimes, an extra room is staring you right in the face.  Living rooms are becoming obsolete and the older homes may have that space to repurpose.  Our eyes pop the second we see that extra space!  You may not believe that some homes have extra room in the laundry room, a spare bedroom, or in a dining room that is only used twice a year.   We start by asking how you want to use your space.   Just last week a client purchased a home that needed updating and asked me to find somewhere for a small office for both of them to use.  We looked at the spare bedroom, the laundry room, or whether to keep the desk in the master bedroom, as it is now.  We concluded that the spare bedroom would be the best solution, because the bedroom might be used for guests only twice each year.  They could use a blow up mattress for that short interim or we can put a sleeper sofa in the newly created office for guests.    Rethinking your space is not that difficult.  It just seems to be, especially when you are stressed over a new move.  My favorite hiding space is under the stairs.  It may be a coat closet now, but it can easily be converted into a small, well-organized office.

Times have changed and many people work from home where they need a quiet space to talk on the phone or to concentrate on what they are doing.  Wi-Fi and laptops are easily set up in different spaces.  Also, consider adding the necessary lighting.   Most of my clients tell me that it is so much better to be able to remove themselves from the central location of the noise and commotion in the house to get their office work done.  It also promotes calm, peace, and minimizes distractions from what you are working on.    Now you can see why they call it their “dream spaces”, when we are able to create an office that has become a necessity.